Welcome to Lara's Loaf Sourdough School and Bakery

We aim to reintroduce authentic, healthy, delicious sourdough bread into peoples' everyday lives

Come and learn artisan baking in a working bakery

  • Our own unique natural culture of wild yeasts and lactobacilli

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Our own unique natural culture of wild yeasts and lactobacilli

It takes us over 24 hours to ferment the dough

Made by hand, baked in a stone oven

Top quality, organic cereals. Our flour is locally sourced, milled by stone and unbleached for maximum flavour and nutritional value

6 reasons for choosing Sourdough

It's good for your gut health and microbiome and boosts your immune system

It's a "low-glycemic index food" which helps you maintain a steady level of blood sugar. Highly recommended for diabetics

It "pre-digests" gluten and is easily digested by most people. (it should be avoided by the 1% who are celiacs and must avoid gluten)

A white sourdough loaf is actually richer in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than a conventional wholemeal loaf!

It sustains you, keeping you going for longer, without bloating

The lactobacilli in sourdough are natural preservatives; The bread keeps well, hardly ever any waste!

Oh, we nearly forgot - authentic and properly made - SOURDOUGH IS SIMPLY DELICIOUS!

Meet the baker behind the apron


Our Bakery

We don't just bake breads

Our Bakery

El Mulito

Calle Tapon 5

Open Tuesday to Sat, 1pm - 5pm

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