Come to historic Granada and learn sourdough and artisan baking!


Our location is ideal for bakers who want to hone their baking skills during a short-stay visit to arguably Spain`s most historic and beautiful city (indeed, the only city with free tapas!)

Lara's Loaf has been teaching people how to make authentic sourdough breads for over seven years

In 2020 we were recommended as one of the Best 50 Holidays in Spain by The Times and Sunday Times

Our teaching methods tell you what we are all about:


We teach you how to produce top quality baked products in your own kitchen, using only basic equipment

Our top-quality sourdough bread requires very little effort

No stand mixers!

No heavy kneading or slapping of dough!


Outstanding Quality

Our sourdough bread consists of 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality

No unnessary extra ingredients or baker's yeast. Just organic untreated flour, water and a little salt

It does need plenty of skill though, and arguably quite a lot of love too!

There are no shortcuts to this kind of quality



See these croissants? A very high level of skill is needed for these!

We simplify artisan baking for you, drastically shortening the steep learning curve

We believe this is best achieved by lots of practical one-on-one coaching in very small groups

Class sizes are limited to four students, and we have two experienced instructors available



Techniques, Tips and Tricks

You will create wonderful products from scratch

Discover a real feel for the dough at different fermentation, temperature, and hydration levels, crafting and scoring techniques and the bake

You will also benefit from a myriad useful practical tips and suggestions



We cater for a wide range of students and abilities:

New to baking

Intermediate home bakers

Advanced home bakers

Professional bakers, chefs and sourdough and artisan bakers

We customise our courses, e.g. pizza and focaccia are popular

And we help people setting up their own micro-bakeries