2 x Sourdough Pizza Bases

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Sourdough is used by the very best pizzerias because it brings an extra dimension of flavour which perfectly complements the rich toppings we all like

We ferment our pizza sourdough for an extra long period (for even more flavour), then we stretch and shape by hand, ferment a second time, then refrigerate until you collect. We can provide them balled instead if you want to demonstrate your pizza twirling skills to an admiring audience for your pizza party!

Our 12" pizza bases will come straight from the fridge. Once you get them home, keep them refrigerated. Allow them to reach room temperature for an hour or so before baking. Make sure to get your oven to its highest possible temperature before you top them, drizzle with good olive oil and bake

Ingredients: Organic white wheat flour with 12% wholemeal, water, salt

Please note - If you are collecting, and the outside heat is blistering, do bring a cool box to prevent the pizza bases from overproving



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